• Bucks County Currier Times

    Bucks County Currier Times

    This is a great review of a recent exhibition I was in. Take a look!

  • Grounds for Sculpture

    Come to GFS and see my work, "Slim Shady," on display only until the end of the year.

  • Sculpture Walk Jacksonville

    "The Truth in Barbie's DNA" is now on view in downtown Jacksonville, FL. It will be on display for one year 10/15-10/16

  • Tennessee Art Commission Individual Artist Fellowship

    Recipient of the 2014FY Individual Artist Fellowship

  • Channel 12 news story on Building the Future

  • Red Bank Highschool Press Release

    Building the Future
    A Sculpture Exhibit Merging Art and Education at Red Bank High School Art Opening
    Tuesday, March 12th at 10a.m.
    640 Morrison Springs Road

    Red Bank High School is pleased to announce the sculpture exhibition, Building the Future. Jennifer Rubin, Adam Garey, and Bryan Rasmussen are exhibiting their work as part of this unique opportunity that connects students with professional artists in Chattanooga. This project was made possible by the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga and the Red Bank High School Pride Committee.

    MakeWork grant recipient, Jennifer Rubin, focuses on the female figure and how women choose to allow themselves to be judged by external standards of body and appearance. She has installed a fabricated stainless steel work called, “The Truth in Barbie’s DNA.”

    Adam Garey explains that from a young age, a strong work ethic was instilled in me. Not from chastisement or reward, but from a compelling example of knowing what should be done and doing it, whatever the cost. His twelve foot,“Signal,” is fabricated stainless steel. Students express that his work looks like long knots of metal and explain that they associate the image with being a strong and powerful person.

    Bryan Rasmussen’s work called, “Feather,” is constructed of fabricated steel. Rasmussen explores the balance of materials and subject matter in composing this poetic work. The students look at this image and state that it is a reminder to be light when life can be heavy.

    It is an honor and privilege to host these incredible works of art at Red Bank High School. The students will meet the artists on Tuesday at the opening reception. For more information please contact Michel Belknap at belknap_m@hcde.org

  • January 2013 Red Bank High School

    Large stainless steel sculpture will be placed at Red Bank High for 2 years.

  • December 2012 Elements Metal Works Inc.

    Foundry and art services officially opened to the public.
    Co-founded by Adam Garey and myself.

  • 2012 Holmberg Leadership program graduation

    Please join me as I graduate from the Association of Visual Arts' class of 2012 Holmberg Leadership program.
    November 29th 5-7 at the Chattanooga Theater Center.

  • Evansville Museum

    56th Anual Mid-State Art Exhibition
    December 9th 2012- March 3rd 2013

  • Knoxville Museum of Art

    "Artscapes" at the Knoxville Museum of Art will be on display October-December 2012

  • MarkMaking

  • 2012 MakeWork Grant

    Thank you Chattanooga for selecting me for the 2012 MakeWork grant!

  • Body Work

    Front Gallery
    Jun 22-Aug 11th 2012
    Opening Reception 5-8pm
    June 29th, 2012

    1800 Rossville Boulevard
    Chattanooga, TN