Jennifer Rubin Garey: Artist and Sculptor

My work focuses on the female figure and how we choose to allow ourselves to be judged by external standards of body and appearance. These standards are self-imposed in response to societal expectations and our own innate need to conform. We are not the only ones policing our conformity we are judged by others, as well. Not just the people we see in passing, but our mothers, sisters, and friends. When we let these external pressures push us out of true we are shifted off our personal foundations. Our true form may or may not be consistent with the contemporary idealized image of a beautiful, successful woman. Clothing such as high heels and corsets reform the body into an unnatural shape, which may paradoxically be considered the ideal.

How do we learn to recognize our own personal truth? By using the plumb bob within my work, I create a metaphor for the true self. A plumb bob is simply a weight on the end of a line, which has been used for millennia to find a true vertical. I am using this device to represent the truth we as individuals seek. With multiple plumb bobs, the truth may seem askew. As every weight points to the center of the earth, every line is at a slightly different angle than the one beside it, although the difference is practically immeasurable. These “true” lines trick the eye into believing what it wants to believe, which is that there is at least one unconditional truth.